E-type meet in the Peloponnese

9th E-type & XK meeting at Trikala Korinthios in the Peloponnese

The 9th XK & E Type Meeting started near the crystal blue Corinthian shores of Mainland Greece to end on the green “Greek Alps” of the Peloponnese in the Corinthian Municipality.

Our first stop, accompanied by a refreshing drink, was at the Hotel Cokkinis beach bar in Kinetta, an oasis of sun, shade and silence broken by the roaring of our engines and later on only by the chirping of the birds.

Continuing on the coastal road, we passed the Corinth Canal to reach the cosmopolitan pebbled beach of Xilokastro and the Sikyon Resort and Spa Hotel https://www.sikyoncoast.com/en, where they kindly opened up, especially for us, the historical villa that once was the residence of the poet Angelos Sikelianos.

This luxury resort is lying next to a 140 years forest of Aleppo pine trees that covers a total area of 243 acres. The shady paths makes it perfect for walkers and athletes because the scents of the plants, combined with the iodium of the sea, create an ideal balance for wellness of body and spirit.


In fact the sea breeze and the vivid colors were the landscape that inspired us in choosing among the gourmet creations of the Palmer’s restaurant. While the chef was preparing our courses, some of us took the opportunity to have a swim. Other hotel guests were having lunch directly under the beach umbrellas . A typical Greek treat!


Completely satisfied we left the Corinthian shores to climb the mountain and reach the famous ski resort of Trikala Korinthias where its highiest pick is 2346m. It may sound strange to foreign people but in Greece we do have snow in winter and we enjoy ski!


During our 30 kilometres hill climb route, the vegetation changed from vineyards, olive and cypress trees to pines and berry bushes.

The temperature also changed dramatically, instead of the 35 degrees by the sea, we were happy to enjoy 8 degree less in the afternoon.

Revitalized from the fresh air, we left our beloved cats to cool down their hot engines in front of the Pliadon Gi Mountain Resort & Spa http://www.pliadongi.gr/en/ a real luxury gem at 1000 m above the sea but only 200 km from Athens. After driving without air condition we deserved an award : we left our clothes in their marvelous chalets, we wore swimsuits and bathrobes and we were ready for spa treatments and the hydromassage pool.


How unique is the Peloponnese! During the same day you can swim in the sea and in a mountain spa pool!


Our evening was full of surprises: after a gargantuan dinner with traditional mountain recipies that brought us back to grandmothers gatherings, we celebrated our dear friend Richard’s birthday . The chef prepared us a special cake where it was written “Jaguar XK & E Type Club”.

The morning after so many emotions, the early birds had a run in the fields among fragrant flowers and the lazyiest enjoyed the last massage in the pool. In any case we met only smiling faces at breakfast and everyone promised to come back soon in this mountain paradise.

Our second day started in a funny way : we met a flock of wild goats complaining about the wrong road sign: in fact, instead of their “selfy” ther was a cow portrait in the triangle sign!

Contiunuing on the panoramic winding road we arrived at our first destination : the Saint George Monastery on the Feneos lake: an historical building dating 1693. During the Ottoman Occupation, when Greek education was forbidden, this Monastery, as many others all over Greece, built a space very difficult to reach named “Hidden School”. Inside this narrow space the monks were secretly teaching to children and helped also Greek literature to survive.

In this photo instead of a classic chandelier, you can see a giant crown above the people with hanging ostrich eggs. In the Orthodox Religion this symbolism has a special meaning. The ostrich is the only bird that does not spin its eggs but watch them from a distance until the young ones are born and then grow up near to it. In the same way Orthodox believe that God watches His creatures in the Church until they are born and then when they follow His way.


Despite the Monastery was crouded by many tourists, the visit was a journey through history and mysticism. We pointed our bonnets South to reach the lake and take a picture of this beatiful lake.

The view of our big cats laying down by the lake Feneos and the Ziria mountains was magic. Our Swiss friend Kurt was incredibly amazed on how such a pristine Alpine area could be found in the south of Greece.

The enviroment of this area is very popular for hicking, bird watching, rafting ,cycling and pic-nic. During autumn is perfect for mushrooms and medical herbs hunters or tasting the new wines.

In order to remain in theme of nature, our next stop was the Environment Museum of Lake Stymfalia: a wild wetland habitat that hosts more than 170 species of birds that we could admire through the spotting scopes they provide for the visitors.

This is an “alive” museum due to plants and fish living into indoor pools. Interactive screens show also in English how the ancient Greeks and Romans used the knowledge of their times to water cities and crops using the complicated system of the underground waters. The entire exhibition really helps in raising people ecological awareness.

After having feed our cultural and naturalistic curiosity we needed to taste also the local food in a rustic country style taverna.

Satieded and relaxed we promised to let our Jaguars to run together again to let us discover another beautiful part of Greece.

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