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E-type 60 Testimonials

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Yes. - it was fantastic. I could only make the Saturday and had a great drive over with a few of the W Midlands members who similarly enjoyed the day. Thanks for helping to arrange it all - it was very memorable.

 Martin Andrews (E-type Club Rep)

Thank you to all of you for putting together a fabulous weekend from all of us in Lancashire & Cumbria Regions of the E-type & XK Clubs.


I have had very positive feedback from the members who attended and we look forward to similar national events in the future.


Keep up the good work, it's really appreciated.


Best regards


Nigel Walker (E-type Club Rep)

Good morning to y’all,


A note to congratulate you on a marvellous event at Shelsley Walsh.


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend, splendid cars, glorious weather, seamless organisation and most importantly charming people. Everyone I met either here at the hotel or wandering around the event were enjoying the day and interesting to chat to.


I know there is always lots of clearing up etc to do after an event like this, however I hope you have a chance to take a rest which you thoroughly deserve!


Please pass my thanks to the rest of your team.


Best wishes,


Martin  (XK Club Rep)

 great event, well done you and your team at Porter Press.


Much enjoyed on Saturday by me, my son Edwin, grandson William (5) and my good friend Adrian Biggs; we arrived in Edwin’s recently acquired Series 1 Coupe, which ran like an express train from Essex and back.


Thanks also to Louise and Luke, pleasure to meet them, for my copy of the Original E-Type book, much appreciated.  It was also good finally to meet Nick Rochez, resplendent in his Twyford Moors racing suit !


Kindest regards

Martin (Emmison)

Sunday was brilliant - we both enjoyed it very much.

Dave Lewis  (visitor)

What a great event.

Well done to you all.

My friends who helped marshalling thoroughly enjoyed it as well

It was good to meet other area reps and exchange a few ideas

Hope I’m around for the 70th celebrations!



John  (Wheatley, E-type Club Rep)

Just to thank you for such a marvellous weekend it was such fun and I know you worked very hard to organise it.

Kind regards,

Erica and Bob (Maurer) E-type Club members and Diamond Weekenders

Firstly, I must congratulate you on a successful and brilliantly organised weekend. I know what it takes to achieve this and your hard work paid off. Well done!


Secondly, thank you for inviting Morna and I to host at Brockencote Hall, and for the Diamond Weekend package. We enjoy talking to nice people, so we had a great time and made some new friends. Needless to say, if we can help out again, you only have to ask.


Kind Regards


Ray (Perkins - E-type Club Rep)

Well done gang. You certainly know how to put on a party!  I would suggest you do similar every year but I suspect I'd hear the screams of disapproval from here in Cambridge! Yet again, as per XK70, we had only 100% positive responses from the day, with again my parents saying they easily prefer it to Revival.

The venue, the weather but most importantly the people make this event super special.  To be able to wander around the pits and get up close and personal with the cars and their drivers is something I hope we never take for granted. In this safety-gone-mad world it's a crucial tonic.


Both Monty and Isla are still raving about the day.  We have a hilarious video of them giggling and waving as we trundled up the hill- huge thanks to Louise for sorting this for Saturday.  Monty was given a E-60 sticker at the marshall's office, which is now duly stuck to his side window in our family car. That, in a nutshell is what it's all about in my opinion. Memories firmly established into the minds of a 5 and 7 year old, which I think is so crucial to the longevity of these wonderful creations/occasions.  Very well done, and thank-you.


Thanks again, and sorry for not having time for more detailed chats on the day- it's always hectic! 


Tom Lawrie-Fussey (E-type Club member)

Thank you very much for the great weekend, I had a great time I was on my own and got chatting to other E-type owners.

 I did know the 2 people that had prepared Julian Barratts car, I got someone to film me leaving the start and I borrowed a GoPro to film myself going up, I’ve yet to see it, and the drive home was wonderful along the M5 then onto the M40 all the way home, once again thanks a lot many thanks, 

Steve (Williamson - Hillclimb competitor)

Congratulations on a splendid day at Shelsey.  All very efficiently organised in perfect weather.  I am sorry I didn’t catch up with you but I just wanted to say “well done”


Henry Elwes (XK Club member)

Thank you and your team for a wonderful weekend.

An amazing event, good company with lots to see and do.

Kind regards 

Trevor, Melanie and Alex Powell (Hillclimb competitors)

Dear Phillip and team,

I attended the E type 60 event on Saturday, and it was a tremendous day out, very well organised and with a really good range of interesting things to see and do.

I am in the final (??) stages of my rebuild so it was really useful talking to the restorers and also meeting fellow enthusiasts.

Great atmosphere, and well done for taking the risk. I hope it all worked out for you.


Nick Smith (E-type Club member)

Yes great weekend - good to be out and about at last and to catch up. 



Andy (Any Waters, CBR Classic Restorations)

A fantastic weekend.  So much to do and enjoy. I met so many old friends.


Of course the weather helped but everyone was so pleased to be out.


This all comes after much work and attention to detail. I do hope you can stop for a Pimms.


Best wishes also to Julie, Shannon and the others


Incidentally the Elms Hotel has been upgraded and was excellent


Patrick (Hanratty, XK Club member and Diamond Weekender)

That was a great E-type jamboree.


I hope you have a few days rest. I really did enjoy the whole weekend event, the Italian Job and 60's music and dress theme (big thumbs up to those who participated) Obviously a big effort by all your team. What a wonderful setting, historic Shelsley Walsh, I competed in my first hill climb event and am now hooked. (tho maybe not in my P&J EType)


Thanks again,


Tony Whitehead (E-type Club member and Hillclimb competitor)

As I opened my computer to send you a thank you, the Dave Clark Five's tune "Catch us if you can" started playing which reminded me of our group guided visit to the Turin Auto Museum in 2019 after we had got our wheels in line.  There was a poster displayed.  It also reminded me of the Party in the Paddock which as one of the "4 stooges" sitting on the balcony we really enjoyed.

To be honest, not just the 3 of you but your whole team organised and managed an excellent event.  You all deserve to sit down and relax very, very soon.

An event of this nature must have been a nightmare to organise, especially the chase scenes.

Well done all of you.

Thank you for including me.  It was a great pleasure to be part of the celebrations and the reception we received as we drove the hill each day was fantastic.

A very memorable weekend.  Next task is to sort my photos and videos; but not tonight.

With very best wishes to all the team.

Cliff Porter (Italian Job Mini)

Just a short thank you for such an excellent weekend – I was present all day Saturday and Gaynor managed our Club stand on both days.


I hope it was successful for you – finding somewhere to rest with your feet up today will be well deserved.  You must have worked hard with your team for many months to provide such an exceptional event with so many different forms of entertainment – I really needed another day to do justice to what was in the paddock without all the other attractions that were on offer.  You even managed to find the best day the summer has given us so far.


Sincere thanks from me and the Jaguar Drivers’ Club for welcoming our presence ... we were able to provide a gathering point for our members where they could rest their legs and chew the cud as necessary. 


Well done on organising what will undoubtedly be one of the best E-Type gatherings of this very significant anniversary year ... it must be quite unlikely that we will see anything on such a grand scale in ten years time.


Roger Kemp - Chairman JDC

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to say thank you for such a good day on Saturday.


My wife Kath and I enjoyed the day so much and it was quite something to be involved with the “re-enactment” it made the day even more special. You even managed to make the sun god shine!


Would you pass on our thanks to Philip, Julie, Louise and the team who obviously worked so hard to run the event.




Grantham & Kath Fidler (JEC prize winner)

I was present at this weekend's 60th Birthday event as I am one of the MAC members who ran the watermill at Shelsley Walsh for your event.  I thought it a magnificent effort from you all and greatly enjoyed my Saturday there looking at all the wonderful cars, seeing some of them going up the hill, and talking to all those who visited the watermill - very nostalgic !

Rod Wheat

I’ve been fortunate to compete/demonstrate at historic events around the world for many decades but seldom has one given me so much pleasure as yours.


From start to finish the breath-taking professionalism I witnessed everywhere showed that when a team is truly excellent it’s possible to run an event with perfect efficiency while being so friendly, cheerful and almost making it look easy!


It was also such a pleasure to give high speed rides in Stirling’s E-type to your generous and lovely charity donors (plus a super lady marshall!)


Thank you so much.




Rich (Richard McCann)

Just a quick thank you for yesterday , very good atmosphere and well organised ,look forward to join you again. Please let Philip know as I am also a Balloonist and we had a mutual friend Vic Thorne who sadly is no longer with us..




Chris Stone - Hillclimb competitor

I thought I would write to say how much I enjoyed the E-Type 60 meeting and the hill climb so well done for organising it all.  There was great old fashioned camaraderie in the garages which my mechanic friend said he did not see very often any more at meets he has attended.  This was perfectly demonstrated when, after I decided to take my low drag etype for a bit of off roading at the top of the hill climb and managed to puncture the lower coolant hose, several people kindly helped us.  I would especially like to thank Julian and Steve (I think), from SNG Barratt, who kindly gave me a new hose and said I only had to pay if Julian was slower than me on the hill climb.  This was not much of a problem as I was already 2 seconds behind his lovely lightweight and I needed to be able to drive home so I did not complete the two official runs.  I am sure, however, that nothing would have changed.


We were also helped by Tom Barclay and his father alongside some tool lending from a chap at E-type UK and his father (sorry I didn’t get a proper introduction so no names) and a really nice bunch of guys from a garage in Norfolk but again I am not sure of their names.  I am sure that if any are reading this then they will know who they are and I give you a big thank you – we made it home.  Now I just have to repair the damage…


Richard Fella - Hillclimb competitor

For a wonderful E60 event which I believe was an outstanding success. I could only attend Saturday which went way too quickly! Please pass on my thanks to the whole e type club team for such an amazing event - all of the West Midlands area members who attended had a great time.


All the best.


Martin (Andrews, E-type Rep)

Just a note to say thank you and all at xk club (including the south africans !! )   ,


 The party was better than i expected  , food and bar service was excellent,     (maybe should have kept the rock group from the afternoon to do the party too


keep well,


David Nevill (XK Club member)

Hi the very best weekend as to be expected from the Porter empire I do not know how you can better that. The atmosphere was so relaxed  and so well organised  well done to the team   Go put your  feet up for a couple of days.



The Finburgh equip  A. F. (Classic Autos)

To reiterate what I said on Sunday – bloody well done. I could not imagine a more fitting event to celebrate the E-Type. The right people, the right crowds, the right venue, the right atmosphere. I don’t know what pact you made with the devil, but he came good!

James Mitchell (Pendine Historics)

Congrats again for E60, a really good event.

Steve Beeson (E-type Club member)

My wife and l both enjoyed the weekend enormously, the hotel was superb, the event went so well with so much to see, it was a huge success, thank you to all the hard working organisers.

David Cox (Diamond Weekend at The Elms)

I just wanted to say thank you for what was a very enjoyable weekend at Shelsley Walsh.

It must have been incredibly stressful for you but I hope, ultimately, rewarding.

It was hot and tiring for us but the company around kept everyone amused.

Bill Voice (XK Club member and exhibitor)

Thank you Philip. We enjoyed the weekend and renewing some old friendships. It was a pleasure to be involved. I hope it was successful for you.

very best wishes from us both.

John Fitzpatrick 

Once again you excelled with another wonderful event, E60!


Unfortunately we could only attend on Sunday, but again you achieved those same characteristics that made XK70 such a success - the right cars, the right people and an atmosphere that was both friendly and professional. Well done!


Anthony Moody

Thank you for your very kind message which is very much appreciated by Adele and myself. We had an absolutely amazing time and to be involved with such a great event and to meet such wonderful people as well as some fabulous machinery was our pleasure. 

Philip Porter, all of the Jaguar E type Club staff, Rebecca and everyone else made us exceedingly welcome and we were delighted that we could add some Mini fun to the event with our slightly mad van.

We worked out this evening that over the course of the weekend Friday to Sunday the van clocked up over 20 runs up Shelsley with passengers including some very industrious motor racing legends and of course a BBC cameraman!

Not quite sure that we can ever top that so it is hats off to you and your team for putting together such a wonderful event that I’m sure will live in many people's memories for a very long time.


Kindest regards,


Ian & Adele Hunt (Rebecca’s volunteer assistants)

Thank you very much for an excellent weekend. From hotel to the Hill Climb.  The Brockencote Hall Hotel in a nice setting with good rooms and excellent food.   .Nice easy drive to the Venue.

Easy parking, VIP Pavilion Nice to sit in the shade with excellent catering. We thought the whole event was well organised and we had two very enjoyable days.


Thank you so much.

Alistair & Diana Armitage (Diamond Weekenders)

Thank you very much for an excellent weekend. From hotel to the Hill Climb.  The Brockencote Hall Hotel in a nice setting with good rooms and excellent food.   .Nice easy drive to the Venue.

Easy parking, VIP Pavilion Nice to sit in the shade with excellent catering. We thought the whole event was well organised and we had two very enjoyable days.


Thank you so much.

Alistair & Diana Armitage (Diamond Weekenders)

It was a great weekend – the Elms was good as was the VIP Pavilion and of course the event.


Please thank the team for putting on a great event




Tony (Bryant-Fenn - Diamond Weekend)

It was a lovely weekend and very well organised, thank you very much for your efforts.

Derek Barnbrook (Diamond Weekend)

I am just taking this opportunity to congratulate you, Julie and the team for putting on such a great event last week-end. It was terrific!

Given your months of planning – through such difficult and uncertain times – your efforts and attention to detail really paid off with the added bonus of such wonderful weather.


The footfall to our stand was excellent and, as ever, it was a great opportunity to meet both friends, customers and trade colleagues alike in such a wonderful setting.

Peter Hugo, Chris Window, WinSpeed (exhibitors)

It was our pleasure, congratulations on staging a terrific event.


I found it really heartening to see a crowd of smiling faces, glorious sunshine and a seemingly never-ending field of E-types.


Also, what a treat to be able to put 77RW with her ‘Geneva Sisters’ at such a wonderful venue and occasion.


We all had a great weekend, many thanks for inviting us along.


With best wishes,


Matthew Davis, Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust

Hello Louise,


We had a fabulous weekend! The VIP Pavillion was first class. The Feathers Hotel was splendid as was the company. We also enjoyed the talks in the theatre and the French Connection display. Fantastic!


The only slight hiccup was, without a designated area for parking at Shelsley for the diamond weekenders, we were spread all over the car park, which it meant that when we were asked to be by our cars to be directed by the Marshall's for the Sunday Cavalcade it was an impossible task.  Luckily we didn't wait but drove down to the Paddock and joined the lineup and thoroughly enjoyed the run up the hill.


Overall, brilliant organisation making the event run smoothly.


Congratulations to you all!!


Very best wishes,


Martyn and Anna (Harbourne - Diamond Weekend)

Firstly could I congratulate the whole team on putting on an absolutely brilliant weekend. It was also really nice to meet some of the team in person. Shelsey Walsh was an inspired choice, old and quirky like most E-Type owners! We were very lucky with the weather which was perfect. Having the opportunity to passenger in a D Type up the hill was a highlight. There was a good selection of interesting stalls to wander around and spend.

Maurice & Mel Needoff (Diamond Weekend)

What a great day that was on Saturday, we loved every minute of being at Shelsley Walsh! To visit such a venerated venue and to do an actual hour of commentary on the hill was another big tick for my CV.


We met so many interesting people, and here's to the 120th anniversary of the E-Type!


An unforgettable event, well done everyone involved.


Mark Cole

It was lovely to meet you. Hope you have recovered from the busy weekend ?


Thank you for all your help, Ros and I had a wonderful time with likeminded people. I must say you did an excellent job or everything.


My thanks to you all for this wonderful event.


I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Liaz & Ros Jakhara (visitors)

Kept meaning to say hello but you always seemed so busy and we did not want to disrupt your work.


We had a delightful weekend and really enjoyed it. The event was very well organised and we caught up with many Club friends and contacts. Plenty from the coastal tour.


The atmosphere was really relaxed and the weather of course made for a special weekend.


We liked the idea of straight into a party and the coaches home were great so we could enjoy a drink or two. Much better than the idea of a full party later and all the travel too and fro that entails. 


Brockencote Hall was a delightful hotel albeit a good distance away. But this did not spoil our weekend.


Please pass on our thanks to Philip, Julie and the team for a job well done. And Philip will be pleased to hear  I filled the E with all the new books too!


Ash & Kirsty Marston (Diamond Weekend)

Thank you for a great day at Shelsley on Saturday. My father and I had a lovely time, the atmosphere was very ‘E type’ and the sunshine you supplied added to the day.


I got the impression from others in attendance that it was enjoyed by all.

Will Ingleton, visitor

Please thank Philip, Julie and the E-Type club team for organising such a fabulous E-Type 60 weekend. I can appreciate it required a huge amount of work and careful planning to host the event, especially stressful due the Covid rules.


It was our first visit to Shelsey Walsh and the area, what a fantastic hill climb and a stunning location, just perfect for the event.  Jonathan and I enjoyed the range of exhibitors in the main field and had useful conversations with several suppliers for E-Type parts. The food stalls in the main field were great, reasonably priced and good food plus the seats and tables provided near the band provided a welcome rest.  We really enjoyed the Party in the Paddock and the relaxed nature of the evening, plus the food was excellent.


We enjoyed the opportunity to put our car on the cat walk and hope that visitors enjoyed looking at it, thanks for contacting us to ask us to display it.

Jonathan & Anne Mitchell (E-type Club members)

I just wanted to pass on my thanks again to you and the other ladies and gents at the club who worked tirelessly to make E-Type 60 happen.


For 8 hours on Saturday I was transported back to an era pre Covid when I wasn’t being harassed to wear a mask, mind my distance or move along swiftly for fear of being seen as a gathering whilst taking in the ambiance and sights of all the cars.


I thoroughly enjoyed once again being immersed in the Jaguar E-Type scene which always makes me come away on a high. I guess I really need to work a lot harder to save for an entry level E-Type so I can be part of the ownership crowd on a regular basis…? Lotto ticket now in hand as a back-up plan


Speak soon and once again well done for pulling off yet again another splendid event.

Chris Capes, Moss Europe - exhibitor

I hope you all have had time to relax and reflect on your weekend. What a show, how do you follow that. Congratulations. 

On behalf of my son, Ian, and my friend Richard Bessant, well done.

The cars, music, entertainment, stall holders, it was pike 1961 again. This year is my Diamond Wedding anniversary, very appropriate.

What more can I say. Thank you again for all your hard work. A great day out.

Tony Edwards

We had a great time.

The Elms Hotel was great, especially the food.

The VIP pavilion was good and the staff were very friendly and efficient.

The event was great.


Regards Pete and Tina Reeves (Diamond Weekend)

Just wanted to say thank you for putting on such an excellent E-type 60, we had such a great and memorable time and so nice to be out and about again!


Can't wait for the next one…




Paul and Jodie Case (visitors)

Thanks also for putting on such a great event, where we had a wonderful time.

Flavien Marcais

Thanks for an amazing day on Sunday. We really enjoyed it. Was so well organised!

Paul Briggs

Last weekend was such a superb event, wonderfully organised (which cannot have been easy with the stop/start nature of the covid restrictions!) and a wonderful atmosphere. It seemed to us that everybody was just delighted to be out and about, and, of course, the weather helped a bit too! Thank you for including us!


Many thanks and all the best

Robert (Marsden-Smedley - exhibitor)

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent show last weekend. Diana and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, both with the brilliant cars and meeting all sorts of interesting people.

A great atmosphere and superb stalls.  

All in all a brilliant day. 


Keep up the good work!


Ken & Diana Pollock

So I hope you are now relaxing in the full knowledge that you 'done good' - real good. Brilliant event.


Mary Sayer

What a great weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed it thank you all at the E-type Club.


VIP Pavilion was a nice touch and made for a good meeting point for Diamond Weekenders. Again, food was good.


The tour of Wales was a great event also. Weather was great, Jamie did a brilliant job and our fellow travellers were excellent company. Looking forward to the next one.


Jeffrey Crooke 

Absolutely fantastic event, well done to you all - thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sam Sayer

Just a quick note to thank you for organising an amazing weekend to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the E-type. The whole programme was outstanding and coping with Jeremy on commentary was miraculous. You must all be exhausted! So well done team and thank you for an outstanding weekend.

Neil & Olivia (Donnan)

What a weekend, You guys put everything into it and the results were wonderful. Everyone I spoke to had nothing but praise for the relaxed atmosphere and slick organisation.

Thank you from all at Classic Autos, Aubrey Finburgh

Many thanks for your kind e mail, we enjoyed the weekend so much, seeing so many old friends in a  great atmosphere, really brilliant !!!! It was very special, a big  “thank you” to you and your super TEAM !!


Thanks again,


Best wishes from David and Deb. (Franklin)

I thought the event was a wonderful tribute and celebration of the iconic car.

I was really pleased to be able to express a personal design tribute particularly to Mary and the Sayer family.

My thanks for your hospitality and a great weekend.


Keith Helfet

Congratulations on a great event, Penny and I really enjoyed it.


Mike & Penny Wilds

We were staying at Brockencote Hall where the food was super, and they had a couple of very suitable single malts. 


The staff in the VIP pavilion were absolutely super all weekend. They were very helpful in making sure we missed nothing that they had to offer. 


The facilities in the Paddock were great too and it was a bonus to have live music for a change. As a musician who has only done 1 gig in 16 months I can appreciate how much those guys would have enjoyed themselves. 


Thanks again for a memorable weekend.


Alistair & Caroline Allen (Diamond Weekend)

It was a good weekend and we enjoyed it a lot.  The weather and Covid restrictions were kind to the event for which I feel sure you are very grateful.


Well done to your team for the organisation.


Roger Falcon

A rather belated note to say thank you for the fine work by you and the club organising such a fabulous event at Shelsley Walsh. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, including the relaxing camping in The Orchard, the action on the hill, the jaw dropping array of cars in the paddock and all accompanied by the necessary but totally unobtrusive covid measures. The 700 + mile round trip was definitely worthwhile.


Finally, on the journey back, in torrential rain once I crossed the Scottish border, the fact that a parked E-type always draws a crowd was proven at Annadale Services on the M74 when I returned to my car after paying for fuel to find it partially surrounded by a gaggle of geese! 


Alan Derrick

Thank you both too, also the team, for a very good + fun E Shelsley! A guest non Jag owning friend who took another couple, also non Jag owners, to the weekend festivities made the comment “what a lovely bunch of people!”

All your hard work definitely paid off, brilliant! 

Ben Attlee

Just a quick note to say well done to everyone for the weekend. It was a shame I could only do Saturday, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Getting the three Geneva cars together was a real coup, and the Italian Job 'heist' was inspired. 


Wayne - the bookazine looked superb, and I'm looking forward to going through it properly. Great job. 


I thought the whole event was even better than XK70, and you should all be very proud of all the hard work you put in. 




Kind regards, 


James (Page)

Just wanted to thank you and the team for organising a great day on Saturday. It was friendly fun and a fine collection of cars, but above all really well organised even down to the weather!


Thanks again, & I’m not a Jag owner


All the best


Peter (Ward-Booth, Hillclimb competitor)

Thanks for the tickets, it was a fabulous day and I think it will be a week before I can get the grin off Harry’s face after Matt ran him up the hill in your C. Also lovely to see a good percentage of 3 generations of Finburgh having fun together.

Customer to Aubrey Finburgh, Classic Autos

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