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Why join the E-type club

Join today and get a host of exclusive benefits which include:

  • Subscription to The E-type magazine; this magazine is of high quality & is professionally edited & produced
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  • Discounts from the world’s leading E-type specialists & classic car insurers

  • The opportunity to participate in E-type Events world wide, including:

Long tours, short tours & weekend events (eg Red Rock Rallye – USA, Tour of Spain – Europe, Moors ‘n’ Wolds – UK) Track Days, Hill Climbs, Technical Workshops, Dinners & Lunches, Informal Runs and Day Tours

  • The E-type Club offers technical assistance and advice from the Club’s own experts

  • A web-based technical library and buyers' guide (password activated on joining)

  • A quality range of E-type merchandise including books, clothing and exclusive limited edition products

  • Free classified ads (magazine & web-based)

  • A fun community of like-minded individuals – all dedicated to driving, restoring and celebrating the Jaguar E-type

Club Information
  •  Monthly 64+ page Magazine -

       The E-type

Club Testimonials

“I was so delighted when it [the E-type Club] started because, before, if you were an E-type enthusiast, there wasn’t really a specialist club for you. And now there is.” Jools Holland (former Squeeze musician, pianist & bandleader)

“The magazine is a great success.” TB, UK

“Thank your for the great magazine, the Club and the continuous development and effort all the Team is giving to it.” PP, Belgium

“We wish to thank you very much indeed for the most excellent organisation of the E-type Tour in Spain. We had a great time and remember the event as one of the very best we have enjoyed.” KM, UK

The E-type Club has no committees, there are no politics.  It is run by respected Jaguar Historian/Author Philip Porter and his wife Julie with the assistance of a small but very dedicated team of staff.

A Note from Club Founder Philip Porter

“I have been a passionate E-type enthusiast since I saw my first one at the age of 10 and have owned my two E-types since 1977. For the last 20 years I have been writing books about Jaguars and have built up a massive archive.

“In 2004 I was persuaded to start a club just for E-types (or XK-Es as they are known in the USA). Being different and devoted 100% to E-types, the E-type Club has been a great success with enthusiastic members in over 50 countries and a great atmosphere.

“I believe an active worldwide club devoted solely to E-types can add greatly to the enjoyment of E-type ownership.  A good club can be of practical use, foster friendships and act as an exchange of ideas and information on all matters relating to E-types.”

I look forward to welcoming you to the Club!

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