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E-type 60 Feature Cars

Here are just some rather notable cars which were on display at E-type 60. 


Apart from a glut of competition Es including celebrated Lightweights, Low-Drags, the E2A Le Mans prototype, and the first two E-types ever raced, the event also played host to an incredible reunion of the 1961 Geneva Motor Show trio – the first time these three cars have been seen together for sixty years!

9600 HP and 848 CRY

9600 HP - Geneva Motor Show launch car and subsequent UK Press car. 


848 CRY was the E-type used in the film The Italian Job.


Both cars are owned by E-type Club Founder and E-type 60 event organiser, Philip Porter.


77 RW and HDU 555N

The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust brought along three very special E-types - 77RW, the first production Open Two-Seater, WHP 205J, one of the earliest V12 E-types and originally part of the press fleet and HDU 555N, a Series 3 V12 open two-seater, the very last E-type to be built.


Most Jaguar aficionados will know the story of the E-type launch at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, when the busy press car 9600 HP (also on show at Shelsley) was driven flat-out from Coventry to Geneva by Jaguar executive Bob Berry, arriving just 20 minutes before the scheduled unveiling. Once revealed, interest in the E-type and demand for test drives was so high that test and development driver Norman Dewis, who was still in Coventry, was immediately ordered to drop everything and bring 77 RW to Geneva. He drove for 17 hours, through the night.


77 RW, chassis number 850003 was put on permanent loan in 2000 to the Heritage Trust whereupon it was completely restored with the generous assistance of Martin Robey Ltd of Nuneaton.


The last off the line HDU 555N, chassis number 1S/2872, was retained by Jaguar from the moment its build was completed in June 1974. Ahead of it through the factory were a limited run of 50 cars - all but one painted black - bearing a commemorative plaque with a copy of Sir William Lyons’ signature.

77 RW.png
25pk mini.png

24 PK Mini Cooper S

We were delighted that Roy Palmer brought along 24 PK - a Mini Cooper S with a privateer rally history in the hands of Sir Peter Moon in 1963-64.


The car was prepared to ‘Abingdon works’ specification with a 997cc engine unit built by Don Moore of Cambridge - who was without doubt recognised as the best tuner of Minis during the 1960s and one of BMC Competition Department’s regular go-to specialists.

Driver Brian Culcheth commented on his 1963 RAC drive with 24 PK recalling, “After 10 stages we were leading our class from the ‘works’ Mini when we lost 2nd gear. Disaster struck midway through the night when the gearbox gave up. Our engine had been prepared by Don Moore – and although Don did not get the ultimate in power, his engines had fantastic torque which enabled me to do so well without 2nd gear. I enjoyed driving 24 PK more than any other Mini as it handled so well – I think the 997cc engine was the perfect combination of power and weight distribution’.

E2A prototype

We are delighted that the unique E2A prototype and Le mans racer will be brought to E-type 60 by CKL Developments, who are organising a display of very special cars.


1956 Ecurie Ecosse Long Nose Jaguar D-type 

Willie Green will do demo runs and charity drives for healthy donations.


Gerry Marshall’s mini to demo at E-Type 60

It’s a 1964 Austin Cooper S first owned by Anita Taylor who raced it in the 1964 British Saloon Car Championship. Campaigned by Newtune the year after with a win by notable British saloon car racing driver Gerry Marshall in the car at the 1965 Snetterton 500!

The car was passed on to John Aley in 1966 and competed by subsequent owners its entire life in its original body shell. The current owners Peter Flanagan bought the car last year and put back into its original Aurora Gear Racing colours from 1964.

Sir Stirling Moss’ Jaguar XK120 FHC, LVC 345 

Twyford Moors will be displaying Stirling Moss's XK120 fixed-head coupe, which he used in the early 1950s to travel between races, tow caravans and go rallying. No doubt it has lived a life of high drama.


HMT 598B 1964 Jaguar E-type 3.8 Roadster

Supplied new to Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five. Featured on many album covers, posters, calendars, film clips and videos. Probably the most photographed E Type of the period.


Second owner Mike Smith, lead singer of the band. Now in the hands of its third owner, Grahame Bull, who purchased the car after seeing it advertised in the Exchange and Mart in 1978. 3 years on, and appearing at many club events and participating in club rallies, he feels the car has aged much better than himself. Grahame’s company Camberley Marine and Sports Cars Ltd have been dealing in E-types since 1975, having had over 500 pass through his hands. The orange and grey 1963 coupe, 700 FVN, will be seen taking part in the Hillclimb competition this weekend.


1963 Jaguar Lightweight E-type 49 FXN

A very significant Lightweight Jaguar E-type. 

This 1963 Lightweight Jaguar E-type that was famously given an aerodynamic makeover by Dr Samir Klat of Imperial College, London, for the 1964 season. Driven by Peter Lumsden and Peter Sargent, the sleek car proved its high-speed potential by running third in the GT class at Le Mans that year until forced to retire soon after nightfall, but three months later it achieved a prestigious result – best-placed E-type and fifth in the GT class – at the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood. Known by its registration number, 49 FXN, this celebrated Lightweight E-type has remained active for most of its life.​


Jaguar Lightweight E-type 4 WPD

One of the most important Competition E-types.

Run by John Coombs with factory support and driven by some of the best racing drivers of the day, this car took part in the E-type’s first motor race and later became the prototype all-aluminium Lightweight E-type.

It has also had numerous modern-day successes and has been raced by numerous fine drivers, including Dario Franchitti and Emanuele Pirro.

Book on Jaguar E-type

49 FXN and 4 WPD are was the subjects of two of the Great Cars Series books from Porter Press International.

Jaguar E-type book
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