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9-22 October 2022

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Since its founding in 2004, the E-type Club has gone from strength to strength and we now have members in over 50 countries...

What makes the E-type Club different is that we focus 100% on E-types. 

​There are several excellent Jaguar clubs but they have to cover a vast range of cars and interests from pre-war through to the current range. Naturally, they cannot concentrate on just one model...​

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The only international club dedicated purely to Jaguar E-types

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Two OBL 1961 E-types in Silverstone Auctions sale

On 28 May, Silverstone Auctions offered two ‘outside-bonnetlock’ E-types for sale – right-hand drive chassis 38, and lefthand drive chassis 198. US-spec Roadster 875198 was exported to Jaguar Cars New York in July 1961, before being supplied to its first owner in Honolulu. Finished in its original Bronze, with Beige interior and Fawn soft-top, the car has recently undergone a full


restoration, and will require a period of ‘running-in’. The car carried a sale-price estimate of £190,000–£220,000.


UK Roadster 850038 was finished in June 1961 and supplied to Appleyard Leeds as a demonstrator. Finished in Opalescent Dark Blue with Red hide, the car was fully restored in 2004, with a recorded mileage at that time of 32,000. After being traded in…

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We are saying a sad ‘so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye,’ to two of our local Representatives. Mark Smith and Lucy Arnold (Shropshire and East Midlands, respectively) have been with us a few years and have done sterling work. On behalf of all of us here at HQ, thank you for all you have done. If any fellow member would like to step into either role, please let me know – sarah@e-typeclub.com.

Moving in the opposite direction, we would like to offer a warm welcome to Stephen Jackman, who has taken on the Mantle of Representative for West Sussex – thank you very much indeed. And there’s a US switcheroo in sunny California, with Glen Barker taking over the role from Bill Sherlock. Welcome, Glen, and thank you, Bill, for your efforts and continuing support.


A very successful and enjoyable Club Weekend has been and gone, and we will shortly be updating the site to include a picture gallery – watch out for an imminent mailer.

With many thanks to our Weekend sponsors - SNG Barratt and CMC, our wonderful hosts, John and Jan, and – of course – our marvellous attendees.

Club Weekend Gallery​

Click the link below to see a collection of images from our Club Weekend 11-12 June. ​

We will add more regularly, and would love to add yours – contact Club HQ if you'd like your photo(s) included.


Geneva Tour Gallery

A peek behind the scenes of the fabulous tour that recreated 9600 HP's epic journey to the E-type Press launch in Geneva in 1961.

Keep watchning for more additions...

Since 1931, details of every SS and Jaguar vehicle that has been produced have been recorded. Initially this was in a bound ledger. From the 1980s the company used computerised systems but continued to record the same details.

Porter Press International

Porter Press publishes the finest selection of top quality Jaguar books in the world, bar none and these are just some of the titles in their portfolio...

Check with Club HQ for your member discount code (valid on most Porter Press titles).

9600 HP - The Story of the World's Oldest E-type         

From development prototype to Geneva Motor Show star and 150mph road-test car, 9600 HP played a key role in the launch of the sensational Jaguar E-type.

First published in 2000 and extensively expanded and updated for this new edition, it includes interviews with many of the characters who were central...

9600 HP-cover.png

Original Jaguar E-type

Restorers’ and enthusiasts’ guide
to 3.8, 4.2 and V12.

This beautifully produced book contains a wealth of accurate information and detailed photographs, gleaned from extensive research, to enable the originality of any production E-type – Series 1, 2 or 3 – to be established...

Cunnignham Jaguar Racing E-types

The All-American Hero and Jaguar’s Racing E-types

Chassis 875027, the focus of this story, was the first E-type campaigned by American racing entrepreneur Briggs Cunningham’s famous team and its performances helped persuade Jaguar to use the E-type as the basis for a competition thoroughbred that has become one of the most coveted of all time: the Lightweight...

Book on E-type Restoration

E-type Jaguar DIY

Restoration & Maintenance

An expert could not have written this book.  Experts start with knowledge and experience, and so inevitably make assumptions and gloss over important details.  Chris Rooke had played with classic cars before but had never fully restored one, and knew nothing about them...           

This book tells the story of the 1963 Lightweight Jaguar E-type that was famously given an aerodynamic makeover by Dr Samir Klat of Imperial College, London, for the 1964 season...

Book on Jaguar E-type

Jaguar Lightweight E-type - 4 WPD

The first in the acclaimed ‘Great Cars’ series, telling the story of the car that took part in this famous E-type’s first ever race, under the aegis of the great John Coombs...

Jaguar E-type book
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Having travelled very little, for obvious reasons, over the last couple of years, our lives have now gone to the other extreme. Julie and I are just back from spending time at the Monaco GP Historique and are trying to find a few hours to prepare for the 60th Anniversary Tour, which follows our Club Weekend. Interspersed are trips to London and to Malta where I am judging the Jaguar class in the Valletta Concours. Let me say quickly, I am a complete hypocrite as I am not a concours man! 

Over the Monaco weekend, we had our usual lunch for Club members on the Saturday in the Quai des Artistes restaurant overlooking the vibrant paddock. This was, once again, organised by our wonderful long-term Representative, Jean-Charles Bello. As he is in charge inthe South of France, we call him ‘le grand fromage’!

On the Sunday we met up with our Tour organised by Classics on the Road at the amazing Hotel de Paris. Apart from the very sumptuous repast, the very large balcony overlooked the track at Casino Square and so was a splendid viewing point. It was very good to meet up with a number of participants from the Italian Job Tour which now seems like a lifetime ago. Three or four classic cars took to the track between qualifying sessions...

Philip Porter

Jaguar automobilia

The first in a series of articles by Jaguar automobilia expert Ian Cooling, introducing a fascinating aspect of the Jaguar hobby

I am delighted to be writing this, my first piece for The E-type magazine, and am most grateful to Philip Porter and Editor Steve Rendle for the invitation to do so. I start here with a general introduction to Jaguar automobilia across the board. I identify a number of themes that illustrate the range and variety of automobilia available to collect, and in future articles I shall expand on these in more depth, with a focus on E-type automobilia.

One of the great appeals of the Jaguar hobby is the number of ways it can be enjoyed. For some, it’s cruising through the lanes with the top down and a cool drink in prospect. For

automobilia web 2.jpg

others, it’s bathing in the reflected glory (literally!) of the multi-layer paint job on a concours car. Of course, there is also that very special feeling of crossing the line first after a hard-fought race. For others, there is the sociable pleasure of a drink and natter with fellow enthusiasts on club night.

My own take on the hobby for nearly 40 years has been to feed the collector instinct that exists in us all to a greater or lesser degree. My bank manager stands ready to vouch for which end of the spectrum I stand!

There have, of course, been the cars I have owned too – ranging from rackety saloons in the late ’60s and early ’70s, to a trio of S2 E-type FHCs and a couple of XJs, both powered by that world-class V12 engine. It was the E-types that first took me down the collector route. As is usually the case…

A line of E-types ready to cavalcade up the Hill, Shelsley Walsh

E-type 60 Photo Gallery


Apart from the emotional aspects, there are a number of hard-headed reasons to buy an E-type. ​


Reliability – there is no point in owning a classic car unless you can use and enjoy it, and do so with confidence that it is not going to let you down. All the E-type’s mechanical components were used in the higher volume saloon...

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