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Welcome to the Jaguar E-type Club

The only international club dedicated purely to Jaguar E-types


Coming up soon are our first two Club events of the year – on Saturday 27 April we have our Technical Masterclass at CBR Classic Restorations. Always an enjoyable and informative event, places are limited to 40, and we are rapidly approaching that number.


Then on Sunday 28 April we’re back at Hartsfield Manor for our Spring Meeting (South) Again, we're almost at capacity, so book now if you'd like to join us..

You’ll see that Backwater Tours have already started planning for 2025, with most of this year’s tours already fully booked. What tours would you like to see added to the Club calendar for next year? We’re particularly keen to hear about any overseas destinations you might have in mind. Please let us know at

Why not pay a visit to the E-type Forum?


You'll find an active community of E-type owners and enthusiasts discussing technical issues, asking for advice, sharing news and chatting about all things E-type.


The Forum is kindly hosted by E-Type UK (in conjunction with the Jaguar E-type Club).


Latest Magazine

THis month for your viewing pleasure we have: a photographic focus on the Goodwood Revival, a look at the history of a member's lovely Series I and an epic trip from Switzerland to Scotland (and back!)


Focus on the Goodwood Revival

Michael Cole, regular photo contributor to The E-type, shares his experiences of photography at the annual celebration of period motorsport and fashion


Having been lucky enough to have covered 21 consecutive years of the Goodwood Revival as an accredited photographer, I feel I have an affinity with the place now and have to say thismeeting, as far as photo opportunities go, is the highlight of my year.

These three long days offer endless opportunities to capture great images – an insatiable feast for the photographer. No wonder it is recognised as the best event of its kind in the world – a unique, magical step back in time.

I remember my very first visit in 2002 and spending an hour taking pictures of the visitors’ cars in the car park, and that was before I’d even got to the main entrance! Once inside I was overwhelmed.

There are almost too many things going on at the Revival, all at the same time and in many different places, so I’ve now given up trying to plan my days there – it just doesn’t work that way somehow.

After driving to Goodwood from my daughter’s in Brighton, on arrival at 6.30am I...


All images © Michael Cole

Since its founding in 2004, the E-type Club has gone from strength to strength and we now have members in over 50 countries...

What makes the E-type Club different is that we focus 100% on E-types. 

​There are several excellent Jaguar clubs but they have to cover a vast range of cars and interests from pre-war through to the current range. Naturally, they cannot concentrate on just one model...​

SNG Barratt Group
P&K Thornton
Classic car insuarance specialist
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Automobiles Historiques offers E-type ‘Low Drag’
Coupé for sale

The Jaguar, that Automobiles Historiques is offering was built to the Low Drag Coupé’s blueprint with no expense spared by Swedish engineer Hans-Erik Johansson in 2004, from a superb US import 1963 FHC, and uses its original engine. Acquired from Johansson by its current owner in 2016, Chassis No.889326 has been raced once at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, then fastidiously re-prepared and detailed by marque specialist Riedling & Mouser Ltd. Eligible for prestigious Pre-’66 GT racing events, including Goodwood and GT & Sports Car Cup, this car is road registered, and so could be used for the Coupe des Alpes or Modena Cento Ore rallies,...


We are such fortunate people, as owners of E-types.

In a rare window during the UK winter, when our country lane was dry, and the salt had hopefully been dissipated by the recent rain, as had the deposits from the recent muckspreading in the adjoining fields, I took CRY, my 3.8 Roadster, out for a run last weekend.

It reminded me, yet again, what wonderful cars they are. Apart from being works of sculptural beauty – arguably the most beautiful cars of all time – the performance is superb, even by more modern standards, and the ride and handling excellent.

I am reminded of the Round Britain Coastal Drive of a few years ago, when we were driving on fabulous quiet roads, particularly in Scotland, which really emphasised what stunning cars they are.

I cannot wait for the spring and summer when we, in Europe, will be able to regularly exercise our cars and take part in a variety...

Philip Porter


Why buy an E-type?


Apart from the emotional aspects, there are a number of hard-headed reasons to buy an E-type. ​


Reliability – there is no point in owning a classic car unless you can use and enjoy it, and do so with confidence that it is not going to let you down. All the E-type’s mechanical components were used in the higher volume saloon...

Why Join the E-type Club?

  • Full calendar of events worldwide

  • Monthly 68+ page magazine —The E-type

  • Expert technical advice

  • Free Classified advertisements

  • Discounts on parts, services & more

  • Buyer's Guide

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XKE Data viewed on laptop

XKE Data is a project to help people find information about a particular car or series of cars by serial number.

This site welcomes participation from anyone interested in these cars. We aren't experts, but there is also no exclusivity to the data hosted here. You don't have to be a member to list a car.

If a site user sees a car with such-and-such car number in a classified ad that's what will be entered. It's all that's known at that point. But over time, hopefully more information will be added, corrections will be made, and at the end of the day we'll know a bit more about a particular car than we would otherwise.

Porter Press International

Porter Press publishes the finest selection of top quality Jaguar books in the world, bar none and these are just some of the titles in their portfolio...

Check with Club HQ for your member discount code (valid on most Porter Press titles).

​First published in 2000 and extensively expanded and updated for this new edition, it includes interviews with many of the central characters. From development...

Original Jaguar E-type

Restorers’ and enthusiasts’ guide to 3.8, 4.2 and V12. This beautifully produced book contains a wealth of accurate information and detailed photographs, gleaned from...

This book tells the story of the 1963 Lightweight Jaguar E-type that was famously given an aerodynamic makeover by Dr Samir Klat of Imperial College, London, for the 1964 season...

An expert could not have written this book.  Experts start with knowledge and experience, and so inevitably make assumptions and gloss over important details.  Chris Rooke had played with classic cars before...

This book tells the story of the 1963 Lightweight Jaguar E-type that was famously given an aerodynamic makeover by Dr Samir Klat of Imperial College, London, for the 1964 season...

Chassis 875027, the focus of this story, was the first E-type campaigned by American racing entrepreneur Briggs Cunningham’s famous team and its performances helped persuade Jaguar to use the...

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