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Area Representatives' Event Reports

BeNeLux – Spa Six Hours, 20 September – 3 October


Well now - the good news is that the Spa Six Hours festival was able to resume its normal calendar booking and took place again this year after a 2-year (Covid) break. The bad news was that none of our other Benelux members were able to join me over this wonderful 4-day gathering due to other commitments. However, I was still able to enjoy this magical and prestigious meeting on me Jack Jones`(alone) where I was able to visit the paddocks and talk to the drivers and their crews and get up close and personal with their historic racing cars as they prepared to compete on a variety of race events. The highlight over this extended weekend is the mythical Six Hours endurance race that included 96 historic racing cars and included a relatively high number of E type Jaguars as in every year of this meeting. This year’s event was named the “Sound of History“ and for a very good and obvious reason. The roar of the classic cars from the 1930s to the 1980s on this legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit cited as `the most beautiful circuit in the world` was a delight for all attendees. The location in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes also allows easy access to the little historic town of Spa, once a glittering place where royalty and aristocrats went to cure their illnesses by soaking in copper bathtubs and drinking it’s spring water. The town now has fully modernised its natural Thermes, superb restaurants and museums and many other places of interest. Next year’s event is scheduled from 27 September until 1 October. If you have this free in your diaries I would certainly recommend the (relatively) short journey over to Belgium to experience and enjoy a truly wonderful weekend of historic motoring.

UK West Midlands - drive out and visit to Clayton Classics, Saturday 8 October

clayton 1.jpeg
clayton 4.jpeg

Thank you, Martin Andrews: “I am sure most of us enjoy the period driving experience of a well set up e type, however there are times when we may also wonder how to improve it. With this in mind we recently attended an open day at Clayton Classics in Coventry, who provide all manner of driving enhancements, to take a closer look. We were treated to an introduction of the history of Clayton which is rooted in the design and manufacture of air-conditioning systems for industrial clients - this helps explain why some of their most popular upgrades include improved heater systems and air conditioning. “From personal experience in my OTS, a really good heater is most welcome on those chilly hood-down morning runs, and the in the FHC I can appreciate the comfort that air con could add when the mercury rises on a summer afternoon. “One of the latest and most popular upgrades that Clayton offer is installation of electronic fuel injection comprising bespoke manifolds, Jenvey throttle bodies coupled with an Emerald ECU. At the time of our visit there were 3 Series 3 cars adorned with the injection set up. “Having suffered from leaky brake and clutch fluid reservoirs over the years, I was taken by the aluminum versions manufactured from billet aluminum which look the part as well as holding the contents securely and prevent unnecessary paint damage from fluid leaks. In addition to the upgrade options mentioned previously, Clayton also provide a range of sensible options including: inertia real seat belts and mounts; sports seats; power steering; a modern fuse box and wiring set up which reduces the loads and protects individual circuits. “Clayton do not only specialize in providing upgrades, but also have in-house bodywork, paint and mechanical facilities and have undertaken a number of concours standard restorations as well as bespoke builds - a couple of which were in progress - and also servicing and repairs. “After some generous hospitality, and a chance to speak in detail with the technicians at Clayton, we all left with a more comprehensive understanding of what the company have to offer and I dare say a few more things to add to the shopping list!”

UK West Midlands - Kop Hill Climb, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, Saturday 24 September

Another memorable day at Kop Hill climb! An early start from Stratford upon Avon on dry, empty roads across three counties to reach Princes Risborough - home of the Kop Hill Climb. It always amazes me what lovely scenic drives exist in the UK and the journey from Warwickshire through Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire is certainly one of them. Elevated sections make for wonderful views and twisty empty roads enable you to maximise the enjoyment of the e type driving experience. Although there were few e types in attendance there were some fine examples including Steve Johnson’s beautiful S2 OTS and Kenneth and Jo Caley’s lovely S1.5 OTS. Full marks for Kenneth and Jo on their first run up the hill - the spectators certainly enjoyed it!

w mid 2.jpeg

UK Kent – E-type UK 'Coffee, Cakes and Classics', Saturday 24 September

Just to report briefly back on last Saturday’s E-Type UK ‘Coffee, Cakes and Classics’ meeting. As usual this was an excellent event, with a lot of interesting cars (not just E-types) in attendance. I do not know if you are familiar with the E-Type UK premises or set-up, but it is very impressive and lends itself to an open morning such as this. There were at least half a dozen E-type body-shells in various stages of preparation and an expert on hand to talk about any or all of them. There were other E-type restorations in the paint booth or in more advanced states of build including the latest ‘Unleashed’ restomods (all based on the S3 V12). All E-types under restoration are apparently for customers, i.e. none is a speculative build for later sale. There must have been well over a hundred people during the morning, many of them customers of E-Type UK/DM Historics but also general members of the public who had seen the event advertised on e.g. Facebook. To my knowledge there were only 4 E-type Club members present (including me) although there might have been others I did not recognise and who had not told me they would be going.

Germany – Taunus Tour, 23-25 September

On this September weekend, the spa town of “Schmitten im Taunus”, a low mountain range near the financial metropolis of Frankfurt, was dominated by the German JAGUAR scene with members of both the XK and E-type Clubs from Philip and Julie. The drivers and co-drivers of nine E-Types, series 1 to 3, as well as seven XKs, 120 to 150, came together for their 5th Annual Club Meeting to socialise in good company and to share the joys - and challenges - of our cherished beauties. Our hotel offered everything that made our heart happy, as the owner himself is a big fan of our brand. He himself has an old S-Type in his garage. The weather gods were kind to us. They sent dry weather and even a bit of sunshine, so that the drivers and co-drivers could enjoy the wonderful landscape with the tops down. The trip took us via “Schloss Vollrads”, framed by impressive vineyards, to “Kloster Eberbach”, world-famous as a backdrop for the film "The Name of the Rose" with Sean Connery as William of Baskerville. A guided tour through the historic monastery brought back to life the dark scenes of the film in an authentic setting. After returning to our hotel, we soon gathered to enjoy a four-course candlelight dinner. The atmosphere couldn't have been better, as all vehicles had covered the route without breakdowns and the excellent food contributed to the contentedness of the day. Everyone agreed that it was a successful club meeting and thanked Alexandra, Peter and Manfred for the organisation by handing over to each a bottle of good wine from the region. Suggestions have already been made for a 6th meeting next year, taking place in the Southern part of Germany.


E-type Club - Wiltshire/Hampshire Area - Visit to Exton Park Vineyard, 24 August

Look out for the full article in an upcoming E-type Club magazine...

It was a wonderful morning, catching up with some familiar faces and meeting many new ones. While our own preference for car colour and model choice was evident in the car park, I think there was clear uniformity of a fantastic morning, tasting some really super sparkling wines, with equally great company… I think I’ll raise a glass to that.. With thanks again to all those at Exton Vineyard who made it such a special event.


UK East Midlands – Lunchtime Meet, Sunday 21 August

We had a fantastic turn-out of ten cars for the lunchtime meet at the Car Crowd Café, situated between Nottingham and Newark on 21 August With pretty much all the E-type variants represented, there was plenty of discussion as we enjoyed coffee, tea and a light lunch in the sun. The E-Type Celebrity quiz was narrowly won by Keith and Kate Ash on a tiebreak. They were rewarded with a tin of exclusive ‘E-Type’ teabags. Grateful thanks to Kirsty Spickett and the Car Crowd Café team, who did a great job of hosting us.

UK West Sussex - visit to Twyford Moors in Clanfield, 6 August

Twyford Moors are one of the country's best restorers of Jaguars as well as other classic cars and eleven of us had the delight of a tour around the different sections of the premises to see different cars in different stages of restoration. Harry Rochez (whose family own the business) gave us an excellent talk on the different cars and work that is being carried out. The quality of the work is second to none and his knowledge about the cars is superlative. If you own classic car and would like to have some work carried out on your car, from a service to full restoration, then Twyford Moors is definitely worth a visit. Thank you Harry for giving up your Saturday afternoon. I hope we can come again.”

UK Bristol, Somerset & Wiltshire - Lunch and Cheddar Gorge drive, 27 July 2022

A warm and sunny day for our lunch at The Bath Arms, Cheddar with a nice mix of E-types and XKs attending. We were pleased to be joined as our guests by club contributor and tour organiser Malcolm and Helena McKay of Classic Rally Press. Thanks to the venue for a large car park, so we could get everyone lined up, and a very nice meal. Conversation was lively throughout lunch and by the time we departed not sure if anyone remembered to take the drive up through the Gorge!!


UK East Midlands (XK Club) – Classics and Coffee Day, P&K Thornton 16 July

From Chip Nistorica: “Last Saturday we invited E-type and XK enthusiasts to spend the morning at our workshops. Some travelled from far afield to participate in our now yearly open day. Our technicians and expert panel beaters were at hand to answer all technical questions ranging from engine tunning all the way to a live demonstration of making a full aluminium E-type FHC boot panel. Barista coffee and cakes were kindly organised by the company and through everybody's generosity we raised a substantial amount for Cancer Research UK”. 


UK West Midlands - drive out and visit to Little Oak Vineyard, Saturday 16 July

From Martin Andrews: “What can be better than a spirited drive in an E-type on a scorching English summer day through the pretty sandstone villages of the North Cotswolds? ​“Well…doing all of that and ending up at Little Oak Vineyard. This lovely vineyard situated in Paxford, just outside of Chipping Campden, is the product of many years of hard work by its founders Gemma and Steve. They have planted just over two and half acres of vines yielding up to 18 tonnes of grapes in a good year. The main grape variety here is the Siegerrebe which produces a delightful, full-flavoured white wine. In addition, Gemma and Steve also grow Seyval Blanc which is used in their sparkling wine when blended with a little of the Siegerrebe. Both wines have won numerous awards and certainly met with the approval of the attendees at the vineyard tour and wine tasting. ​“The visit was rounded off by a sumptuous lunch in the orchard made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients and a little of the vineyard’s Cotswold Brandy - I must remember not to drive next time I visit!”

martin andrews 1.jpg
martin andrews 2.jpg

Sam and Louise Vernon in their lovely S1.5 

UK West Midlands – Visit to William Heynes, Friday July 15th

As I am sure most readers will know that William “Bill” Heynes was Chief Engineer and Technical Director of Jaguar Cars who developed the XK engine and persuaded Sir William Lyons to enter Le Mans, so it was an absolute delight to see the passion and expertise displayed by William’s grandson, also William, and his partner Amy at their recently established business specialising in e type maintenance and restoration. To say that William has a deep knowledge of e types is a gross understatement; his knowledge is derived not only through the legacy of his grandfather and father, who was long established at Jaguar cars, but through a life in and around e types. This included serving an apprenticeship at RS Panels where William acquired hands on fabrication skills which he combines with a detailed knowledge of original, early e types. William and his team are some of the very few professionals who have experience of the original cars which is becoming rarer as time goes by and cars are restored and rebuilt. Such is William’s expertise in e type originality, he acts as a consultant to today’s panel and parts fabricators with a view to continuous improvement of their products - a prime example is the taper of the bonnet and profile of early sills vs later models. Having worked on race cars and road cars William also aids in the manufacture alongside RS Panels of his own panels including a longer inner sill strengthener to improve monocoque strength giving extra safety margin and rigidity - especially important for the open cars. We were all drooling over many of the cars in the workshop which include some of the most original and historic e types in existence including AFD 250 (chassis no:860002) owned by John Burton, with its works racing pedigree evident from the offset front and rear wheels. Two other early cars, [Chassis 35 and 39] are in the workshop for sensitive restoration work; to my untrained eye they looked pretty good, but to an expert improvements are required to the cars’ mechanicals as well as panels. William and his team spend as much time on the mechanical side of the cars as the panel work helping to ensure that the driving experience is not only safe and reliable, but also that the cars drive as they were intended to with carburetor rebuilds, suspension set up and tuning all done in house. A visit to William Heynes feels rather like drinking from a fire hose than a fountain when it comes to absorbing the astounding level of detail and passion that goes into each car; this often involves sourcing and keeping alive engineering capabilities which would otherwise disappear. A case in point is the use of cadmuim plating from the aeronautical sector for suspension components - chosen by Jaguar owing to its malleability preventing the coating cracking and delaminating when the metal components flex under load. Whilst William’s team are heavily engaged in early e type restoration, they also offer routine servicing and maintenance catering for all manner of cars from the most iconic originals to the home restoration. It is difficult to sum up the visit to William and Amy’s business as it has to be the most passionate and informative view into the world of e type maintenance and restoration. Thank you Amy, William, Dave and Josh for your time and warm hospitality.


UK Scotland


Members in Scotland recently met up with a group of German Jaguars enthusiasts. The group of 14 cars including several E-types and an E-type Club member visited Scotland for a week in July staying in Alyth. The Scotland tour had been a long time in the making and had been postponed from the previous year due to Covid. During their stay in the country the visitors managed to fit in some golf, Gin and Whisky tasting and trips to Edinburgh, Scone Palace and Balmoral Castle as well as the long drive between Newcastle for the Ferry and Perthshire. The group pictured here at the hotel: Lands of Loyal with the cars pictured outside Scone Palace. The meet up took place in Stonehaven on a particularly sunny day on 7 July. Those attending included Alan Derrick who drove all the way from Callander and kindly accompanied one of the Germans, who had trouble with his tyres, back to Perthshire.


UK Buckinghamshire – Bicester Heritage, 8 June 2022

From Peter McKelvey: “The weather started out as changeable so for some of the boys it was decision time for the roadsters most electing to keep the tops down. A few of us started out at Beaconsfield, winding our way through Amersham and onto Aylesbury. Three more cars were waiting for us in a lay-by with the drivers doing a Le Mans start run to their cars to join the convoy before the traffic lights changed! “From Aylesbury we went onto Bicester where we were met by David and Hazel of Classic Performance Engineering. They had kindly offered to host us and after coffee and cakes they showed around their operation which was really impressive. Classic Performance Engineering specialise in race preparation and support, service, maintenance and restoration. Our group then had a wander round the Bicester Heritage site which is a pretty special place if you like classic cars, old aircraft, gin and beer!  We have more runs planned and as a group we are definitely getting better at keeping our convoy together - you can’t beat an E-type convoy”.


UK West Midlands – Drive out and pub lunch, Sunday 21 May

martin andrews pub 2.jpg

As the season for driving events got under way, some of the West Midlands Area drove through the Warwickshire countryside for lunch at the Kings Arms just outside Solihull. Having suffered with a last minute misfire en route to the rendevous point, I had to return home and pick up another car so we had 5 lovely e types and an interloping Ferrari 458 on the day! Lunch was great, the company convivial, and with a lovely dry day the journey was a pleasure. As I get older my memory for names is getting worse so we paired each couple with their car for a quick photograph as an aide memoir: ​- Ken and Joanne - Regency Red S1 OTS - John and Nini - Blue S1 2+2 - Steve and Annie - Blue S2 OTS - Roger and Alex - Blue S2 FHC - Sam and Louise - Carmen Red S1.5 OTS

martin andrews pub 1.jpg

Austria - Classic Car Fair in Tulln, Austria, 21-22 May 2022

“After a two-year Corona break, lovers of classic cars as well as ‘young-timers’ stormed the classic car fair in Tulln in May. More than 750 exhibitors from Austria, Germany and other countries presented their products and services - from completely restored vehicles to classic car parts, literature and models – in short, everything to do with classic cars. More than 90 clubs and numerous museums showed their vintage rarities. ​“For the first time this year, a vintage and ‘youngtimer’ auction took place on Saturday. 70 cars and 50 motorcycles were for sale. Among them were some spectacular vehicles. A Jaguar XJS, built in 1990, which the Austrian artist Philipp Mueller had painted and turned into an art car – this went to the new owner for 70,000 euros with a starting price of 25,000 euros. “Of course, our club booth, which showed a range of racing legends and an original Formula 1 steering wheel used by Mark Webber, was once again a popular meeting place for our members and friends. Thank you for the numerous visits!” Thank you Christian Mitterdorfer.

UK Scotland – Cars and Coffee, April 2022

A few members met up at Crieff at the end of April for a Cars and coffee morning kindly put on by Stephen Leckie. The Coffee and Classics Chat session is an informal chat over a variety of cars held at Crieff Hydro. There’s the chance to poke around the garages and talk cars. The turnout was around 100 folk and 70 classics. Most attendees were fairly local, but some came from further afield as far as Aberdeen or in Alan Morris’s case all the way from Sutherland.  Pictured are:  Alan Morris, Steve Cromar, Roger Sambrook, Rob Onslow, Alasdair Burt, Alan Derrick and Ash Marston.


West Midlands Area visit to the Classic Motor Hub

Martin Andrews Hub 2.jpg
Martin Andrews Hub 1.jpeg

With some lovely spring weather we set off to visit the Classic Motor Hub in Bibury, Gloucestershire. The route took us along some great driving roads from Stratford upon Avon through picturesque villages such as Broadway and an unintended detour through Cheltenham! The venue is located at an old RAF base and houses an eclectic range of superb classic cars for sale, many with amazing backstories which were described in detail on a brief tour by Sales and Acquisitions Manager Richard Wrightson. The visit was a great opportunity to meet up with fellow e type enthusiasts and to do some window shopping of the lovely cars on offer. More details of the Classic Motor Hub can be found on their website; it's well worth a visit.

UK Scotland - Drive It Day, Saturday 24 April

A number of our members in Scotland joined in with the Perthshire Drive-it-day, known as the Perthshire Classic Car Tour, held on Sunday 24 April 2022 and organised by the Rotary Clubs of Perth and Blairgowrie. The E-types joined up to 100 other classic cars assembled at McDiarmid Park Perth, home of St Johnstone Football Club where old and new acquaintances chased over the multitude of different vehicles at the event - from a 1920’s Bentley and an Austin up to modern classics, even a 2CV based 3 wheeler. The atmosphere was one of a team of likeminded people ready for a good drive with good company for a good cause. The drivers, including the Duke of Kent and Prince Michael of Kent, were flagged off by Denis Melloy, the Provost of Perth & Kinross, at the podium at McDiarmid Park. The cars journeyed north through rural Perthshire along the banks of Loch Tay and on to Glencoe where lunch was taken at the Isles of Glencoe Hotel. The weather was exceptionally kind to all, tops were down, hair pieces flying, temperatures low so limited chance of overheating and this particular route being one of the best scenic ones in Scotland resulted in a very pleasurable drive up to Glencoe. The return route south was through Glencoe and along Loch Earn and through Comrie before finishing at Crieff Hydro Hotel for a Light Dinner and the Awards Ceremony. All the cars were directed to a central location within the hotel grounds where members of the public and hotel guests could enjoy a varied car show for the evening. The award for the best car went not to an E-type, but a Jaguar XK 120. Principal charities benefiting from the event were My Name’s Doddie Foundation and Prostate Cancer Scotland. Just over £30,000 was raised.



UK Channel Islands – Joint E-type and XK Club gathering, 24 April 2022


From Mark Blanchard: On Sunday 24th April sixteen Jersey Jaguars took part in the 2022 NSPCC Drive it Day Rally held at the Waterfront, St Helier. The cars were all members of the E-type Club, the XK Club and the Jaguar Enthusiast Club and all the cars were beautifully turned out by their fastidious owners. The weather was kind for most of the morning and so hoods were down and spirits up as owners and spectators chatted in the beautiful maritime setting. The cars were joined by other marques from the Jersey Old Car Club and the Jersey Classic Club with over eighty cars spanning over 100 years of production being on display. Each club raised money for the NSPCC and Childline by purchasing bespoke rally plates and by personal and public contributions to the charity. The Jaguar Clubs raised over £600 on the day. Particular praise was given to E-Type Club members Pam and Paul Bell by the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, for their amazing support of the NSPCC and for the splendid condition of their Series 3 E-type. After the two-hour static display the Jersey Jaguars headed for a ten mile run followed by a delicious lunch at the home of Anne Forbes one of the JEC members. All in all it was a great day to remember and to help a worthwhile cause.


UK Wiltshire & Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, London South & West Berkshire – Joint Area Spring ‘Kick-off’, Sunday 3 April 2022

James Bilderbeck reports from his first ‘combined Area Spring Meeting’. As with the start to any new driving season my car was brought of its Winter slumber – which I daresay it was enjoying having been tucked up in a heated garage for the past few months. Despite the commonly held adage that ‘everything worked when I put it away’! there’s always an amusing few hours under the bonnet to make sure nothing had decided had go walkabout. Thankfully Taylor (Swift) as appropriately named by my children started and ran perfectly, and bar a quick clean and a top up with fresh fuel/oil was raring to go. “From the relative peace and quiet of the past few years, we now seem to be ‘back to back’ with Classic Car events with racing, tours, concours’, Scrambles to name but a few, so picking a date for our Spring Meet was always going to be a little perilous! But as they say the ‘show must go on’ and on it did. While the dry weather gods on one hand were smiling, the temperature gods seemed like they were out to spoil the party, but despite looming forecasts of -3 oC the day arrived, albeit with a chilly start but with a balmy 8oC on the cards mid. morning! While you think you’d get immune to smiling at the sight of an E-type cavalcade (of which I’ve seen my fair share) the sight of 9 cars coming in with Peter McKelvey was majestic and soon after the Podium car park was brimming with cars. I believe the final attendance on the day was 23 which was a fantastic turnout and provided a great opportunity to meet other local members from nearby regions. The coffee and car chat were first class, as was the Podium owner’s Burgundy XJ220 brought out and parked up casually in the corner of the car park.. one icon next to another! I believe the general consensus was very positive and think this will more than likely establish itself as a yearly event. There was much discussion about the passion we all share being custodians of these great cars and the out and out driving pleasure they deliver – so plans are already afoot to re-enact a meet at Podium, followed by a relaxed tour up to the Classic Motor Hub in Bibury, then on to a pub for lunch – so watch this space! It really was an absolute pleasure to meet so many new Club Members and here’s to an enjoyable Summer of motoring!

Paul Wooding from Podium event, Bucks, Saracens Head April 22.jpeg

Lancashire & Cumbria News (courtesy of Chris Garside)

"Six members attended Lancashire & Cumbria regions' monthly pub meet-up at The Bluebird Inn, Salmesbury on 16 March, the third Wednesday of the month as usual”, member Chris Garside reports, standing in for regional representative Nigel Walker who was overseas. “Unfortunately, the blue sky we all enjoyed in the morning turned to rain in the afternoon which meant everyone came in their daily drivers. We all agreed that we need to make the effort for the next meeting and come in our Jaguars!    “E-type owners were outnumbered by XK owners with one in the middle of restoring an XK 150, another couple enjoying their lovely XK 120 roadster and a third tempted to acquire a rather nice XK 120 FHC following the sale of a Series 2 E-type FHC.    “The conversation was quite varied - setting up triple carbs on an XK 150 and shared experiences of the Jaguar Spares Day at Stoneleigh with two members managing to pick up parts for their cars.  The member who had recently sold his Series 2 E-type because of a house move went on to explain that he still had three MGAs, one of which he actively campaigns with his son-in-law at various rally events around the UK.    ​“Overall, a very pleasant evening with the Bluebird looking after us very well. Keep an eye on the club magazine or contact Nigel Walker for news of upcoming events in Lancashire & Cumbria region. Members from other regions always welcome."

UK Lancashire & Cumbria – Pub meet, 16 February

From Nigel: "Four gallant members attended our monthly pub meet-up at The Plough Inn, Lupton on 16th February, the third Thursday of the month, as usual. It was a horrible night although none of us had a problem getting to the venue despite the best efforts of storm Dudley and Eunice. There was a long discussion on E-type handling”.

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