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Members' Corner

What a great shot! Club member Michael Norman's E-type stands out from the crowd at last Sunday's Goodwood Breakfast Club...

Thank you Michael.

Added 24 July 2022


A place to share your stories and photos with your fellow members.


To see videos sent in by members (and sometimes by our Specialist friends) click the E-type Club Cinema Club button below.

If you have videos, photos anecdotes or advice to share, please send all contributions to:

Gwendolyn and Sarah in California​

Kenny Lombino from California is rightly very proud of his two E-types, Gwendolyn and Sarah.

Is your Club sticker in your E-type's window too?

Kenny Lombino E-types

Added 24 February 2021

NEW – 7 September 2022: How lovely to see that E-type love is an inter-generational thing, as demonstrated by Jon Willcocks and his discerning grandchildren...

Thank you Jon!


Robert Bosworth - 1964 E-type from California

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