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Specialists & Discounts

Specialist Discounts

​Full details of discounts will be provided on an individual quotation basis by the supplier and are offered at their discretion. In order to qualify for discount, please be prepared to quote your Club membership number.

Please note: we may give your name (only) to the companies below so they are aware of who is entitled to receive discounts.

From the start, it has been the E-type Club’s policy to only accept advertising from E-type Jaguar specialists who are either well-known to Philip Porter or have been recommended by members. Whilst the Club can obviously make no guarantees, we feel this is a very important service for members. There are not many other clubs or magazines which turn away advertising revenue but the E-type Club does if it is felt to be in the interests of members. Many of the advertisers have been the subject of profiles by Philip Porter in the E-type Club magazine.

​There are many E-type Jaguar specialists around the world but it is, of course, vitally important to distinguish the competent, trustworthy companies and individuals from the rogues and incompetents.

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